Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hattie's Branches Boutique, Lakeland, FL

It was Friday afternoon.  I had plans to attend the VISTE Ball on Saturday evening with my boyfriend and friends with nothing to wear.  

Not living in Lakeland, I was not sure where to go shopping for this fun golfing extravaganza that would benefit Volunteers of Service for the Elderly (VISTE).  Without hesitation, local girls recommended I visit Hattie's Branches Boutique

On busy Florida Avenue, in Lakeland, Florida lies a booming boutique making women in the Polk County area ecstatic.  Hattie's Branches Boutique is filled with dresses, jewelry, purses and other accessories that will help you complete your look for a Saturday night or a Sunday brunch.  

Located at 1224 South Florida Avenue, Hattie's Branches Boutique is owned by two Lakeland fashionistas- Mandy Middleton and Amanda Hermann. 

Both girls grew up in Lakeland and pursued their dream of majoring in fashion merchandising.  Amanda traveled all the way to New York City to study fashion at LIM College, also known as the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising.  Mandy received her bachelor's degree from Florida State University in retail merchandising.  

In 2009 their dream became a reality. Mandy and Amanda joined together to open Hattie's Branches Boutique.  The name "Hattie" was the perfect name for the store since Hattie is a family name for both fashionistas.  Amanda's grandmother's name was Hattie and Mandy's great, great grandmother was named Hattie.

The girls travel to NYC and Atlanta to provide Polk County with voguish clothing and accessories that are not available in other Polk County stores.  Mandy and Amanda are constantly researching new styles so that they are as chic as a NYC boutique. 

They wanted the store to be energetic and full of color.  An article from Domino Magazine gave them the color scheme they desired. You will find pink, lime and blue walls decorated with trees and birds.

Some exciting news for us that do not live in Lakeland: Hattie's will be opening an online store within the next few months! Make sure you stay updated with them through their Facebook page. 

It was time for me to decide what I would wear.  I went with the fun, modish green dress.  Without a doubt, the dress was a hit! I will definitely be visiting Hattie's Branches Boutique every time I am in Lakeland, Florida. 

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