Wednesday, May 8, 2013

360 Unlimited, Your Vintage Destination! Lakeland, FL

When you first hear the name 360 Unlimited what do you think? Tanning salon? No. Social media firm? Laundry mat? No.  

It is the most unique store to hit Polk County!

Everything is available for purchase. Just ask! 

Whether you need an outfit for a themed party, looking for jewelry or redecorating your house, 360 Unlimited has just what you are looking for.

Look up to see a lot more items to purchase!

Say hi to Marcus
When you head to this unique find, have at least an hour in your schedule.  Although it looks small on the outside, the inside of the store is loaded from the ceiling to the floor with goodies.

Say hello to Marcus.  He is there almost every day and will help you find everything you need. 

When you first walk in you will find the motorcycle rider's dream section- all black leather biker items.

Every bikers dream!

Look across from you to see the wall of fur- any fur coat you ever dreamed of owning.

Any fur coat you have imagined owning!

Women's section by color
Behind you, you will see the women's section with so many clothes to choose from that you can't leave without finding at least one item you will love! 

To your far right is the men's section. It is loaded from ceiling to floor with any era of men's clothing you can think of. It includes ties, hats, shoes and "manly" decorations.

360 unlimited
Men's section has plenty to choose from

If you thought you were just going there for clothing, you were wrong.  Vintage 360 has thousands of decorations to chose from.  We ended up picking up an amazing chandelier and a mounted hogfish for our home. 

360 Unlimited provides Lakeland residents
lakeland stork
Stork available for rent
and visitors with a rental program for their items.  If you have an 80's party to attend and just have no need to keep that black velvet, shoulder-padded prom dress, you can return it to receive 50% of your money back.  They also have decorations you can rent for baby showers or birthday extravaganza.  

If you haven't been yet because of the limited parking, try again! Additional parking is available just passed the vintage destination. 

Stop by today and find what you didn't even know you were looking for.

Stay connected with 360 Unlimited through Facebook. They regularly have 10-50% off specials posted on their page.  

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