Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dragonfly Modern Izakaya & Sushi, Gainesville, FL

Sarah and I in downtown Gainesville
It was a memorable evening, a girl's night out to celebrate Sarah's birthday.  Sarah, Katherine and I put on our highest heels and dressiest outfits and headed out to our favorite spot in Gainesville- Dragonfly Modern Izakaya & Sushi.

I have been an avid visitor of Dragonfly since my college days at University of Florida.  Without question, it is the best sushi I have ever had.  The rolls are always loaded with fresh fish.  Dragonfly is so popular, that they now have an additional location in Florida: Orlando.

Cosmo martini at Dragonfly
We started our evening with a round of cosmo martinis. Dragonfly is known for their top-rated themed martini list. A few unique martinis they have are the Fuji Apple-Russian standard, house-made apple liqueur, lemon, yuzu and grenadine, and the Sumo Smash-martin millers gin, ginger, lime, and mint.  Sunday through Thursday they provide customers with the Sensual 6 Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm.  To see the special pricing click here

Warm Spinach Salad

Our first entree was a warm spinach salad.  This salad is served with shiitake mushrooms, miso vinaigrette and macadamia nuts.  We were very pleased with this delicious and nutritious beginning.  

Godzilla roll

We ordered two of favorite rolls, the Godzilla roll and the Dragonfly roll. The Godzilla roll provides you with a burst of flavor with smoked eel, krab, cream cheese, cucumber, scallions, avocado, strawberries, and eel sauce.  

Dragonfly roll
The Dragonfly roll is the signature roll.  It is served hot and filled with tuna, albacore, seasonal white fish, scallions, eel sauce and spicy sauce.  We love fruit in our rolls. 

For our last roll we ordered the Mango Tango- smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, mango, tempura flakes, sweet potato curls, with a peach-apricot reduction.

The night ended with Creme Brulee.  This is a unique dessert infused with a distinct green tea flavor. Make sure you check out the entire Dragonfly menu

Sarah- Fashion Stylist
Sarah was recently on the cover of Gainesville Today Magazine. This birthday girl made sure her outfit was top notch with a skin-toned leather skirt, Chanel earrings, and black & white heels.  Be sure to check out her fashion blog-

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