Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

Flying animals, melting clocks, nuclear war, beautiful women, Abraham Lincoln, the crucifix: if any of these interest you then you need to immediately visit The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

"Slave Market with Disappearing Bust of Voltaire" (1940)

Staircase in the Dali
The last time I toured the Dali, I was in fifth grade.  Now looking back, I am shocked that a religious-affiliated private school took us on a field trip to the museum. Now that I have a better understanding of art, I look forward to visiting the Dali multiple times in the future.

You need to visit soon. Right now, the Dali is showcasing works of art by Andy Warhol.  If you aren't familiar with Warhol, Men in Black 3 provided him with a quick silhouette (of which, Warhol would probably be insulted by).  Our favorite part of the Warhol exhibit was the "Heinz Tomato Ketchup Box."  Is it art or is it bologna?  Go see it and you decide.

View Warhol artwork now until April 27.

According to (regarding the "Heinz Tomato Ketchup Box"), "Warhol later said that he wanted 'something ordinary' and it was this mundane, commercial subject matter that infuriated the critics." The Warhol exhibit is available until April 27.

"Santiago El Grande" by Salvador Dali
Another reason to visit the Dali soon is to view "Santiago El Grande." This extraordinary piece is normally housed in Canada;only available to view in Florida for a limited time.  

At over 15 feet tall, this piece is so exquisite, it is hard to find the right words to describe it.  You must experience it in person.

Make sure you make it a day trip when you visit.  Directly across the street from the museum is The Hanger Restaurant and Flight Lounge.  The Hanger overlooks a small airport. It is a nice place to have lunch or dinner after visiting the museum.

The Hangar is located across the street from the Dali. 

The Dali offers other entertainment other than artwork.  "The Dali Enigma" is a short, 6 minute film that plays every 15 minutes.  Presented by Bright House Networks, Bay New 9, the film provides you insight on the museum.  It is located on the first floor.  

View from outside of the Dali museum

Outside of the museum there is a water-front garden. According to the Dali,  "The Mathematical Garden allows students to experience the relationship between math and nature, and a labyrinth in the southeast corner invites exploration and well-being."

Suggestions for your trip to the Dali:

1. Bring your own earphones. If not, you will be using the provided earphones. Who knows who used them before you! Earphones are necessary for both the Warhol and Dali tour.

Experiencing the Warhol exhibit

2. Make sure you have a form of identification on you.  It is necessary in order to check out the Dali audio tour.  (We learned the hard way about this one.)

3. Request a private tour.  The audio tour is educational but it is rated PG. A private tour will provide you with more in-depth information regarding his unique artwork (PG-13).

4. Order a glass of wine at Cafe Gala and go into the "additional seating for the Gala" room. There is no one in that room and the view is incredible.

Cafe Gala is located inside the Dali Museum.

5. Make sure your phone is fully charged. The Warhol tour requires your smart phone.  

6. Have cash ready because it is $5 to park at the Dali museum.

7. Try to not go on a Saturday.  It is packed on Saturdays!

The talented Dali. Photo from here.

Hours of Operation:

Open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Thurdays open late from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM


General Admission / Adults: $21
Seniors 65+, Military, Police and Firefighters: $19

Children 13-17 & Students 18+ w/ ID: $15
Children 6-12: $7
Children 5 and younger: FREE

After 5:00 PM on Thursday: $10

1 Dali Boulevard, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Patio850, Lakeland, Florida

It was Friday night, date night. We were ready to be fed without having to clean up the kitchen!  Patio850 was the perfect choice for us.  The patio has a live band playing on Friday nights.  It was phenomenal- live music, delicious food and unique draft beers!

Enjoying my Goose Island draft beer

When we got there, we decided to try a draft beer.  Patio850 has beers that you do not find at other locations.  We went with the Goose Island draft.  This delicious beer is made in Chicago, Illinois. 


If escargot is on the menu, I am going to try it.  Patio850 did not let me down with my favorite buttery snails! They offer a wide array of unique appetizers such as bacon popcorn, marinated olives, and even duck liver with pear pate. 

Not Your Everyday Wings
For our main dishes, Brian ordered the chicken wings and I ordered the pizza. Now, do not think that these are items similar to what you get a bar.  The chicken wings are entitled "not your everyday wings."  The pizza was Patio850's "stone perfect" pizza.  The chicken wings are first beer braised then oven roasted. They are served with a special house sauce, herbs and blue cheese. 

Stone-Perfect Pizza

The pizza had mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, arugula, baby spinach, mushrooms, red onions and truffle oil.  Without a doubt, it was "stone-perfect." 

Other pizzas I am interested in trying that are unique: the To Brie or Not to Brie- red onion jam, great brie, cranberries, candied walnuts and fresh herbs, and the Swine Smackin' Good- BBQ Pork Butt, Bacon, Red Onion Jam, Mozzarella.  If you want something other than pepperoni pizza, this is the place to visit.

Photo obtain from  Facebook

Patio850 is open:
Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Friday and Saturday from 4:00- 11:00 PM

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jimmy Belle's Seafood Market & Grill, Lakeland, Florida

jimmy belle's
Are you tired of eating at restaurants that do not offer Fresh from Florida seafood? Jimmy Belle's Seafood Market and Grill has what you are looking for! This is a place you will definitely want to check out.  

Jimmy Belle's serves the fish you have been craving, fresh! They let you pick how you want it cooked: blackened, fried or grilled.  Then you get to pick how you want it served: in a sandwich, in a taco, or with grits. 

Blue Crab Tostadas

I decided to order the blue crab tostadas.  This delicious appetizer offers lump blue crab on a homemade tostada chip with mango, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice and chipotle aioli. 

Ahi Tuna Roll
My second selection was the spicy Ahi tuna roll. What can I say? I am a sucker for sushi! The fresh tuna was served in large pieces. That is something you do not often find in a tuna roll. It was delicious!

When you walk in, you are greeted by the 565 pound Florida alligator, caught by the owner, Harris Woodsby, and his friend, Mathew Fellows. The two had spotted the 12 foot, 6 inch gator, in 2013, and were determined to not let it get away.  Jimmy Belle's is filled with local fishing memorabilia. It is worth a visit just to view the Florida history. Click here to see the news clip by ABC Action News.

The alligator that is displayed in Jimmy Belle's

The owner, Harris Woodsby, is a local fishing guide with a passion to provide quality seafood to locals. Not only is the seafood available to eat, but Jimmy Belle's also offers a fish market. According to the website, Harris wrote,  

Jimmy Belle's Owner, Woodsby,
has been a fisherman all of his life.
"The ocean has always been very important to me. In my younger years, fishing took up most of my free time. Being a 5th generation and lifelong Lakelander, when the thought of starting a seafood retail market came along, Lakeland was the logical choice.  

Jimmy Belle's Seafood Market & Grill (named after my two children) was born.  A full-line, high quality, seafood market that also offers chef inspired cuisine as well as southern seafood fare that's anything but average." 

The restaurant is located in an ideal location: 
3120 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland, Florida 33803. 

Fresh seafood is available for purchase at Jimmy Belle's.

Every day from 4:00 PM- 5:30 PM everything is 15% off! 

All day, every day: 
Red solo cup special- 
$1.50 for PBR or Bud Select

$1.50 Red Solo cup special available every day!

Jimmy Belle's grill is open:

Tuesday through Thursday from 11:00 AM- 9:00 PM
Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Sunday from 11:00 AM- 8:00 PM
Closed Monday

The fish market is open:

Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM- 7:00 PM
Sunday from 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Fish market at Jimmy Belle's

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